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Selling My Home

“I knew my home was worth more”
“I interviewed three different Real Estate agents with a certain price in mind. All three told me it was too high. Then I interviewed Kevin. He explained with a few minor cosmetic changes to my home, we could get the price I wanted. We SOLD my home for the price I wanted!”
~ Jennifer  •  Boise
“Aggressive marketing with NO additional fees! “
A large, custom made sign is designed and placed in front of your home. The custom sign includes feature points and three to five photos highlighting the interior which enables potential buyers to see and learn even more curbside. In addition, the sign features a special YouTube extension with directions to allow instant access for video viewing via the customers iPhones. Along with professional photography, a four-page color brochure accompanies the sign. This marketing strategy adds perceived value and is one of the driving forces in helping our clients obtain top market value.

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